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biopunk. climate resilient agriculture. handcrafts. ecosystem restoration. project management. team leader. fungal innovation.

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Biopunk comes from Bios (Greek for life) and Punk (a socio-cultural movement that focuses on rebellion against norms). So we are a resistance movement for positive transformation with a strong focus on the natural world. The community consists of scientists, artists, mushroom growers, DIYers and passionate explorers of the microbial world. In a world full of crises that are so much greater than an individual, this community thrives with the mission to grow a mycelial network between humans, fungi, bacteria and algae. Using eco-transdisciplinary thinking to break free of norms and static ideas, we support each other and cooperate to realize projects aiming at the preservation of life. The members of this group are gardeners of life, the organisms we work with are the seeds and the breeding grounds of fertile soil are the open laboratories arround the globe. They develop biological, computational and social technologies and make them available to all.

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